Reflection of Fate

A US soldier falls in love with a Korean woman during the Korean war, but the war forces them apart. Many years later, as he is dying, he tells his grandson the he would have liked to see his long lost love one last time. The grandson is left with an old jewelry box from the soldier that ends up leading him on an exciting journey.

Reflection of Fate is a film and animation piece that was created with the help of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.

East Meets West was a student exchange program between Bloomfield College and Jeonju University where students work together to make a project while spending a month at each university. Working with others who don't share the same language was difficult at first, but ended up being a fun challenge. The students from Jeonju worked with the film piece, while the Bloomfield students worked on the animation. As head of the animation team, I made sure everyone stayed on task to meet our deadline. I animated various scenes and was in charge of editing the animation. I also helped create the props for the film.