My name is Carrie Ann Hermann.
Animation gives me the chance to make my art move using various techniques. Traditional hand drawn animation is my favorite, but I also enjoy stop motion (with paper, puppets, and other various mediums). These techniques give me a hand on experience while I create my art.
Computer animation is a different experience that I also enjoy. I have created work with programs such as Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya.
I am continually exploring various forms of animation to create my art.

I live in New Jersey and graduated from Bloomfield College where I majored in creative art and technology with a concentration in animation and a minor in mathematics. Besides animation, I also tutor and teach. I offer private animation lessons as well.

If you wish to contact me, my email is

List of projects I have worked (or am currently working) on:

  • The Legend of Jake the Salty Dog Assistant Animator 2013 - Worked under director/animator Larry Lauria
  • Wilderbrook Character Animator 2011/2012 - Worked under programmer Brian Wilbur
  • Metamorphipals Director, Animator, Editor 2011 - Personal Project
  • Reflection of Fate Animator, Animation Editor 2010 - A When East Meets West (Season 5) collaboration of Bloomfield College (NJ, USA) and Jeonju University (Jeonju, South Korea)
  • Mimi and Gack Inbetween Animator 2010 - Worked under director/animator Larry Lauria
  • Pete's Odyssey Key Animator and Inbetween Animator 2009 - Worked under producer Studio Kinate and director/animator Larry Lauria